Mar 11 2011

#362 – Super-approval of amazingness!

JoeI got some good sketch feedback this week from an enthusiastic supporter.  So, I thought I would pay tribute to his trademark manner of expressing approval.  Thanks, Joe!

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Feb 28 2011

#351 – A dream reborn!

Could it be?At last, our long national nightmare is over!  It has been over two months of acute mental anguish following the crushing news of December 13th.  But now a glorious new dawn breaks!  Sing sweetly, oh songbirds of love (and multinational brand posturing)!

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Feb 23 2011

#346 – Bloodbath (of sorts)

SiegfriedOkay, so back to classwork, and the final installment of the Siegfried story.  After Part 1 and Part 2, the dragon is dead.  Then, as the story goes, the hero bathes in the dragon’s blood to make himself invincible.  That seemed a little much for me, so I went with a somewhat more reserved face-painting.

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Feb 15 2011

#338 – Don’t go in there!

Charlie opens the doorOne of many storyboard frames from the screenplay I mentioned yesterday.  Here, Charlie opens the door to a cheap motel room.  I sure hope there’s no grisly discovery inside…

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Feb 3 2011

#326 – Inching closer

People in environments 5Part 5 — finishing up the assignment for class.  (Rewind to Sketch #322 to see the whole set.)  Again, it looks like the idea generation was not happening in a vacuum: there seems to be a lot of linkages among these as well.

So anyway, there’s 30 under the belt.  Hey, I just got that much closer to my 10,000 drawings!

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Jan 31 2011

#323 – Looking down, looking up

People in environments 2Part 2 of the 30 sketches I started yesterday.  Again, the ones in this group seem to all have something in common (namely symmetrical hand placement).

I don’t know where most of these ideas originated.  Except the bottom left one — that I remember:  while I was sketching, iTunes landed on “The Girl From Ipanema.”

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Dec 18 2010

#279 – A job well done

HandshakeShook hands with a long-time family friend today.  For one reason or another, that moment stuck in my brain and became this inspiration for today’s sketch.

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(Sketch is based on this reference photo).

Dec 13 2010

#274 – The Dream Has Ended

Sea of TearsThey met on the set of High School Musical!  It was supposed to the fantasy romance for the ages!  Oh, cruel world!

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Dec 7 2010

#268 – Teach your (grand)children well

Bruder und Opa

Got sad news today of the loss of a fine man and great example to many.

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Nov 22 2010

#253 – Live Long and Prosper

Makeshift vulcan…or at least try not to break any more fingers.  Just a friendly piece of advice for my workmate, who is now a makeshift Vulcan.

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