Jun 30 2010

#108 – Indoor/outdoor

Hotel entranceDrawn poolside at the hotel — this was a fun one to do.  And of course, vacation means you can spend an hour on a sketch if you want to…

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Jun 29 2010

#107 – Red rocks

Waimea Canyon

On the beautiful island of Kauai this week for a little vacation.  On our first full day here, we went on a 12-mile hike around some of the state park areas in the northwest of the island.  This sketch was done at lunchtime, from an spot overlooking the north end of Waimea Canyon.  (For any other geography nerds, we were sitting right here.)

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Jun 28 2010

#106 – Tall/Humor/Bike/Scooter

Logo concepts 2As part of the logo assignment from yesterday’s sketch, some of the other terms that came up were “tall,” “humor,” and “bike/scooter.”  These are a few of the very basic exploratory sketches based on those notions.  They also borrow heavily from my friend’s hilariously accurate description of me when I fold my 6’4″ frame onto my 125cc scooter: “You look like a trained bear on a tricycle.”

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Jun 27 2010

#105 – Neat/Precise/Linear

Logo concept 1For a class assignment on personal logo design, I was asked to come up with a list of words that describe me and or my general style.  After polling a few friends (and a spouse), the resounding (and not surprising) consensus revolved around neat/precise/linear/meticulous/exacting/perfectionist/etc.  This was one of dozens of quick brainstorm sketches that drew on those ideas.

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Jun 26 2010

#104 – Anniversary “gift”

KitchenAid mixerJust bought my wife of these great mixers.  Of course, this “gift” is a lot like when Homer buys Marge a bowling ball with “Homer” inscribed on it.  But if you’ve enjoyed her excellent baked goods, you’ll know why I’d want to encourage their regular production.

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Jun 25 2010

#103 – Lysiwyg

Lis's hairWas feeling pretty lazy this evening, so I just knocked out a very simplified brush pen drawing of our dessert hostess for the evening.  Thanks, Lis!

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Jun 24 2010

#102 – The Pointer Brothers

The Pointer BrothersFollowing on from yesterday’s sketch, these are a few iterations of a hand icon for a touchscreen demo video.  I was trying out a few different ways of modeling some light and shadow on there.  The last one is getting close; I’ll probably tweak it a little more in the morning and call it finished.

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Jun 23 2010

#101 – Analog cursor

Analog cursorTomorrow at work I need to do an illustration of a hand that will be used in a demo video for a touchscreen application.  This was just a quick sketch to serve as a reference for the digital version.  Then again, maybe my giant hands aren’t the best models for this — might have to recruit someone else tomorrow.  Someone whose hand will fit on a sketchbook page.

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Jun 22 2010

#100 – Eagle vs. Squirrel

Eagle vs. squirrel

So this is the outcome of the last couple of sketches.  This idea sort of came from all the squirrels I always see on our street.  They’re always leaping around in the trees, running along telephone lines, and pretty much having the run of the place.  I guess I got to thinking how they’d do out in the country among actual predators.  Somewhat less well, I imagine.

I guess the companion drawing to this would be the “country squirrel” wandering goggle-eyed into the street as a taxi bears down on him.  But I think one impending-rodent-doom illustration is quite sufficient.

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Jun 21 2010

#99 – Leather and fur

Football and squirrel sketchesThis is an expansion of yesterday’s sketch, prepping for the same digital illustration perspective assignment.  I like the angle, but I was thinking of making it more visually interesting by putting it in that leather-helmets era of 1920s-ish college football.  Could make for a good color palette and design aesthetic in the final piece.  Also, I like the idea of having an unexpectedly female quarterback who’s about to make the big, game-winning play.  I forgot to fix the proportions before doing this fleshed-out version, but I figured that could be fixed later in Illustrator.

Then I realized something: there’s no actual action taking place here.  There’s anticipation of action, but that’s it.  So the inset sketch is a new idea that would integrate action directly between the foreground and background elements.  Of course, it also trades female empowerment for imminent demise of small, furry creatures.  Hope that doesn’t reveal something about the artist…

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