Nov 30 2010

#261 – “You’d do it for Randolph Caldecott!”

Randolph Caldecott

Just recently bought a very cool compendium Randolph Caldecott’s picture books.  It’s full of amazing illustrations, one of which I have shabbily counterfeited here.

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Nov 29 2010

#260 – Cardinal, but no gold

CardinalThe USC/UCLA game is coming up this weekend.  Here’s my meager attempt to fly the colors.  Well, one of them anyway.

(Actually, this had nothing to do with the game — just  a quick, late-night Flickr sketch.  Based on a photo by Gypsy Flores.)

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Nov 28 2010

#259 – Tyrolean trio

Tyrolean trioA couple months ago, I was in Austria along with several good friends.  Here are three of them, as photographed there by a fourth, the great Sarah Welch.  The likenesses are kinda iffy, but hey, it’s “Sketch 365,” not “Perfect Reproduction 365.”  Oh, and if the one in the center looks familiar

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Nov 27 2010

#258 – The naked eye

Single eyeAnother late night where I didn’t know what to draw.  This was just a quick sketch based on a photo found online.

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Nov 26 2010

#257 – Pictionary puzzle

PictionaryIt’s been a long time since I last played Pictionary.  So this evening, I decided to grab a card and see if I could draw all five things on it in one sketch.  So, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a 1) Ragged 2) Lawyer 3) Choking on a 4) Pop Tart while on a 5) Maiden Voyage.

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Nov 25 2010

#256 – Engorgement imminent

Engorgement imminentPortrait of the artist as a young man ready for some delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

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Nov 24 2010

#255 – Aunt’s Best Friend

LabradorWe’re heading for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at my wife’s family’s place.  They’ve hosted everyone for years, and always do a great job.  We were thinking about getting them some kind of thank-you gift, and then my wife came up with the idea of me sketching something for them.  They’re labrador people, so hopefully they’ll like it.

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(Sketch is based on this photo found online)

Nov 23 2010

#254 – Tonka truck

Toyota FJ CruiserMy friend from yesterday’s sketch was actually admitted to the hospital for surgery.  Thankfully it went well, but since he was drugged up with a dead arm, I went by the hospital and picked up his car for him.  For better or worse, it’s the absolute opposite of what I’m used to driving.

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Nov 22 2010

#253 – Live Long and Prosper

Makeshift vulcan…or at least try not to break any more fingers.  Just a friendly piece of advice for my workmate, who is now a makeshift Vulcan.

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Nov 21 2010

#252 – Grizzly, Man!

Bear punchHad my grandmother in town for a visit, and we spent the day doing lots of grandma type things (botanical gardens, tea, etc.).  As enjoyable as it was, at the end I felt like I needed to do something uniquely masculine to balance it all out.  Unfortunately, there were no grizzly bears around that I could punch in the face, so I had to settle for sketching it.

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