Mar 10 2011

#361 – Intrusion, pt. 2

Intrusion, pt. 2I’m still working on laying in tone on this storyboard assignment.  If you read the boards from yesterday, you can continue the story here.  In this installment, things kind of start going south for our protagonist.

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Mar 9 2011

#360 – Intrusion, pt. 1

IntrusionBack to some class assignments: I’m now laying in some tone on some of the storyboard sketches you’ve seen earlier.  Here’s how the story begins.

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Feb 22 2011

#345 – Rock hound

MSRI wish I had more time at the moment for personal sketches, but such is life.  This is a little thing for work — I’m doing a motion graphics piece about Mars Sample Return, a proposed robotic mission that would bring back rock samples to Earth for the first time.  These are a few of the simple elements that will become part of that video.  (Actually, it’s a very simplified version of the redacted Sketch #95 from last summer.)

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Feb 16 2011

#339 – A quick check

Charlie drivingStill working on the storyboard for class.  After yesterday’s sketch, we skip ahead in the story, conveniently glossing over the contents of the motel room.

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Feb 9 2011

#332 – Seconds to Spare!

Seconds to spare!So here’s the full story behind yesterday’s sketch.  The assignment was to create a storyboard of about 15 frames to tell the story of my trip from home to school.  The instructor said that if it wasn’t a particularly dramatic story, we were free to embellish a little.  That was all the permission I needed.

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Feb 8 2011

#331 – Spoiler alert!

Seconds to spare - final frameAnother little project for class: this is the final frame of a little storyboard I’m working on.  More on this tomorrow!

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Feb 7 2011

#330 – Life on wheels

Again, I’m continuing work on this collection of 30 vehicle sketches.  After drawing these four, I looked at them and realized they actually tell something of a life story.  Hopefully not mine.

Anyway, I did a bunch of other vehicles today as well — here’s the full set.

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Feb 6 2011

#329 – Vehicles in vogue

Part of this week’s vehicles series, these are all based on advertisements in recent issues of Wired magazine.  I’m sure if I come back and look at this sketch years from now, it’ll look amazingly dated.

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Feb 5 2011

#328 – Rust buckets

New sketching project this week: 30 vehicles of various kinds.  I’m starting out with a couple of oldies, based on Flickr photos (from users RaeA and KB35).

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Feb 2 2011

#325 – Picking up the pace

People in environments 4Part 4 of the 30 “people in environments” sketches for class.  I realized I needed to pick up the pace if I’m to have these done by next class.  Again, an odd assortment of ideas.  Many of these spun off of conversation topics with a few friends at happy hour.  And for several others, I have no idea (cemetary? farm workers? bird fancier? chin-up struggle?).  Brains are weird.

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