Jan 31 2011

#323 – Looking down, looking up

People in environments 2Part 2 of the 30 sketches I started yesterday.  Again, the ones in this group seem to all have something in common (namely symmetrical hand placement).

I don’t know where most of these ideas originated.  Except the bottom left one — that I remember:  while I was sketching, iTunes landed on “The Girl From Ipanema.”

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Jan 30 2011

#322 – The bitter loneliness of public transit

People in environments 1Working on a series of drawings for class.  The assignment: 30 different scenes of people in environments, hopefully with some sort of emotional element to them.  Seems the first two had an accidental theme develop.

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Jan 29 2011

#321 – Apply grease liberally to palms

Goodfellas pt. 2Homework time: a continuation of the Goodfellas storyboard from the other day.  If you want to follow along: kid appears before judge; mob lawyer flashes judge a look; kid walks free; De Niro slips kid some cash for a job well done in not ratting out the others; De Niro and kid exit courtroom into welcoming arms of mob boss Paul Sorvino and his cadre of ne’er-do-wells.  (Followed by the next establishing shot of the Idlewild [later JFK] airport.)

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Jan 28 2011

#320 – Run away! Run away!

Run away!Well, after a very stressful week of inspections and discussions with the city permit office, I uncovered some very helpful information today about our escrow property.  Information that convinces me to run in the opposite direction, before an earthquake knocks that sketchily propped-up house off its cracked and half-sunken foundation.  Turns out there’s a pretty significant reason for those level discrepancies I mentioned earlier.

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Jan 27 2011

#319 – Not so good fellas

Goodfellas pt. 1Just started a new class in storyboarding this evening.  Did these as part of an exercise in class, quickly sketching frames from the beginning of Goodfellas.  Not my kind of movie — but certainly good for sketching practice.  That Scorsese fellow knows a thing or two about shooting films.  Take it from me, that guy’s gonna be big.

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Jan 26 2011

#318 – Ups & downs

Roller coasterThis house-buying stuff is stressful.  I’ve been investigating the property, talking to people, getting an inspection today, etc.  From minute to minute the outlook seems to be constantly changing…  “Oh, that’s a good sign.”  “Oh, that sounds scary.”  “Oh, but that’s good news.”  “Oh, but that could be a big problem.” etc., etc. ad infinitum.

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Jan 25 2011

#317 – Pop will (continue to) eat itself

Exit Through The Gift Shop
I did these quick and tiny versions of Shepard Fairey, Banksy and “Mr. Brainwash” while watching the interesting documentary/comedy/hoax/art piece/whatever-it-is, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

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Jan 24 2011

#316 – Not quite level

Not quite levelDay 1 of escrow on what could be our first house!  One thing though: some of the floors are a bit slanty.  This will require further investigation.

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Jan 23 2011

#315 – Royal mumble

The King's SpeechI watched this movie today, and quite enjoyed it.  Not much else to say about this sketch!

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Jan 22 2011

#314 – Best viewed in Safari

ElephantWeb-browser puns.  Perhaps the highest form of comedy.

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