Dec 31 2010

#292 – No spoilers

Inception totemInception is just one of those movies that gets stuck in your brain — as previously demonstrated.  I watched it again today for the second time, so of course it came out in today’s sketch.

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Dec 30 2010

#291 – Crosstour? Crossed out.


We went to test drive a Honda Accord Crosstour today.  That V6 sure is nice, with 100+ more horses than I’m used to.  And the sweeping (albeit polarizing) body styling and larger wheels are good too — but unfortunately they combine to sabotage the rear storage compartment (which is pretty disappointing for a car of that size).  And there, folks, is my first printed car review, clocking in at a powerfully informative three sentences.  Take that,!  I shall soon be crowned king of online automotive advice!

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Dec 29 2010

#290 – Urban roost


Another day, another failure to think of anything to sketch.  Once again, I’m rescued by Flickr’s random and ever-changing art exhibition: “Interesting photos from the last 7 days.”  This is a simplified pen sketch inspired by this photo from Flickr user Peter French.

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Dec 28 2010

#289 – Accidental inspiration?

Long hair

I did this little charcoal drawing of a long-haired girl inspired by another Flickr photo.  I made a few modifications in the course of drawing it, and then realized it kind of looks like a friend of mine.  Anyway, it’s pretty simple, but I like how it turned out.

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Dec 27 2010

#288 – The Lonely Pie, unmasked, sort of


Several sketches ago, I paid respect to “@thelonelypie” — and today it was time to do so once again.  I didn’t know what to draw today, and he stepped in and supplied me with a bunch of really solid ideas.  Unfortunately, they were all more complex than I had energy for.  So instead, we have a little tribute to the man himself.

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Dec 26 2010

#287 – The chopping block


Spent most of the day with a couple dozen friends, chopping up trees into firewood.  (This of course included the tree from Sketch #285.)  It’s part of an annual fundraiser, and definitely one of the most fun Sundays of the year.  Of course, that means tomorrow is one of the most achy Mondays of the year…

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Dec 25 2010

#286 – Piper Down!

Piper Pacer

Heard a fascinating first-person story today from a man who ran out of fuel in his small plane over Alaska, and had to find a dirt road to put it down on, while operating with no engine.  That’s a presence of mind that’s difficult to imagine.  Of course, the story was stuck in my mind when sketch time rolled around.

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Dec 24 2010

#285 – Achievement Unlocked!

Falling an oakCut down a tree for the first time today.  Gotta admit, that was pretty cool.  We’re up in the mountains for a woodcutting fundraiser held by the parents of a good friend.  The big woodcut is on Sunday, but today we needed to harvest another couple of their trees in order to have enough to work with.  It does make me think though: probably “plant a tree” should be the next achievement unlocked.

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Dec 23 2010

#284 – The oil business

Oil pumpDrove up the Central Valley today — been a while since I did that.  On my way to the mountains for a good time this weekend.  In the absence of anything else to sketch, I drew one of these things (of which I passed a few today).

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Dec 22 2010

#283 – And the Darwin Award goes to…

Darwin AwardsI had to clear out a blocked downspout to keep up with all the rain we’ve been getting.  Today’s sketch celebrates my in-hindsight-super-idiotic decision to go up on the roof  in a thunderstorm carrying a 10-foot metal pole.  Thankfully, the worst case scenario depicted here didn’t actually play out.  I live to sketch another day!

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