Aug 31 2010

#170 – Cassetteworxx


That’s right.  Straight up C-120 style for non-stop partyin’.

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Aug 30 2010

#169 – The wired world

The wired worldI’m not really happy with all of these, but I’m putting them all up because of the way the three together struck me.  Lacking any ideas of what to sketch tonight, I went on Flickr and looked at randomly picked photos from the last seven days.  When I saw one I liked, I sketched it, then did so twice more.  After a bit of research, it seems these photos (clockwise from top right) were taken by people in Italy, Greece, and I believe, Qatar.  And all posted to Flickr in the last week.  Hello, the future — you are weird.

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Aug 29 2010

#168 – Everybody cut, everybody cut…

FootlooseTonight I learned that it’s no easy feat to draw people who are in the middle of dancing.  You pretty much have to freeze a pose in your mind and quickly scribble it out before it disappears.  That kind of explains why these look like they do.  Still though, it’s nice to have another memento sketch — this time of a lovely bride and some of her well-wishers.  Congrats, Pete and Jen!

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Aug 28 2010

#167 – Cats might be my favorite animals…

Frisky…to imagine as skeletons.

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Aug 27 2010

#166 – Die Radfahrer

Bike rideBack to the fine line pen — this time drawing from a photo.  Here, Ms. Punchingbag and Mrs. Sketch 365 take to the Austrian bikeways.  Looking forward to doing this again soon!

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Aug 26 2010

#165 – “Daft,” yes; “Punk,” no.

Daft StephBittersweet: it’s my good friend Stephenie’s last day at JPL, before moving on to new things.  In typically entertaining style, here she is posing in my motorcycle helmet.  We’ll miss you around here, Steph!

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Aug 25 2010

#164 – The catwalk

LionessI’ve decided I need to figure out how to draw with fine line pen.  The answer: not quite like this.  But I’ll figure it out.

(Oh, and for the curious, this is drawn based on a small sculpture from Zimbabwe.)

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Aug 24 2010

#163 – The Reel Thing

Sony BVH2000Today at work, I spent a few minutes in the TV studio making some HD dubs.  Not far from those machines is this almost-forgotten beast from back before I was born. (Sorry, Jon Hicks, if you’re reading this!)

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Aug 23 2010

#162 – Alas, poor what’s-his-name!

SkullI knew him…sorta.

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P.S. Thanks, Steve, for loaning me the anatomy book for artists.  But if you and Mark don’t stop encouraging me and start acting more like villains, you’re going to ruin my whole narrative.

Aug 22 2010

#161 – This should come as no surprise…

LEGO box…but this is what stores my LEGO.  Growing up, we had a couple of tackle boxes like these packed with bricks.  My brother hung onto those, so I finally got around to buying a couple myself for the LEGO I have.  And yes, I know it’s a little reminiscent of “Gene, The Anal Retentive Carpenter” — but hey, it beats shoving it all in a giant trashbag (ahem, childhood Kelly).

What’s that?  You don’t remember that classic Phil Hartman bit?  Well, here for a limited time is one of the related sketches. Enjoy.

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