Nov 11 2010

#242 – Shine a little light

Frezzi mini-fillEvery once in a while, I get the compulsion to geek out and draw tools of the trade (“the trade” pretty much expanding to include all variety of visual arts).  Today’s installment: the Frezzi Mini-Fill Camera-Top Lighthead!  I’m sure you loyal readers have been clamoring to see my representation of this fine video accessory.  At long last, that day is here!

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Nov 2 2010

#233 – The hated officemate

Primera Bravo ProGot an additional new computer at work today.  Not exciting, however: it’s a PC (*groan*), which I only need in order to a) access an archaic JPL database; and b) control the DVD duplicator shown above.  So I spent a large chunk of my day getting two loathsome machines to talk to one another.  PCs I can live with, but I’ve got no love for DVDs.  Please die already, terrible technology!

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Aug 24 2010

#163 – The Reel Thing

Sony BVH2000Today at work, I spent a few minutes in the TV studio making some HD dubs.  Not far from those machines is this almost-forgotten beast from back before I was born. (Sorry, Jon Hicks, if you’re reading this!)

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Aug 11 2010

#150 – Cheap at half the price!

Pink pearl♫ “Who will buy this useless eraser?” ♪
♪ “Such a dis-appointment, you see!” ♫
♫ “Who will buy this useless eraser?” ♪
♪ “And get this thing away from me!” ♫

Seriously.  These things are terrible.

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Jul 27 2010

#135 – Look sharp!

SharpenerAnother “grab-the-nearest-object” sketch.  This little thing has been instrumental to almost all of the prismacolor pencil drawings on this site.  In fact, this drawing itself was done with a prisma pencil, so I actually had to use this sharpener while drawing it.  Hey, I should have drawn the actual pencil inside it.  And then me holding that pencil in my hand.  And then my actual pencil drawing my own hand.  And then, inevitably, this.

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Jul 12 2010

#120 – Tools of the trade

Tools of the tradeI was working on some more digital illustrations today; these are just a few of the things I always have around.

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Jul 5 2010

#113 – You’ve com a long Wa, baby!

Wacom stylusTry the full, satisfying flavor of Wacom Slims today!

(Note: Scott Hulme will not be responsible for your medical bills if you ignite a Wacom stylus and inhale circuitboard fumes.)

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Jun 10 2010

#88 – Now in glorious High Definition!

Panasonic HDX900Just another slice of what my day was like.  I spent most of the morning behind one of these Panasonic HD cameras, for a live broadcast we were doing at work.  Fun fact: just one of these things costs significantly more than any car I’ve ever owned.

As a side note: I was really uninspired to draw this evening, and even filled a sketchbook page with drawings I ended up hating.  They were quick pen drawings done while looking in the mirror (like yesterday’s), but of different facial expressions.  I was really bored and frustrated with them.  Then I sat down and got out different paper and some Copic markers (which I hadn’t used in about three weeks).  Switching up the style and tools made a huge difference.  Even though I made some frustrating mistakes on this one, I was ultimately much happier with it than the others, and had way more fun doing it.

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May 8 2010

#55 – Designer’s shuriken

X-ACTO knifeAs I was roughing in the early marks of this very quick sketch, the main lines got a little long.  So now it’s some kind of super-deadly flying x-acto knife.  Then again, I seem to do a lot of object sketches, which aren’t all that dynamic — so maybe this is a happy accident.  Until someone puts their eye out.

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May 2 2010

#49 – Head-Phones™! The phonographs you wear on your head!

HeadphonesLook cool!  Impress your friends!  Try Head-Phones™ today!

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