Mar 10 2011

#361 – Intrusion, pt. 2

Intrusion, pt. 2I’m still working on laying in tone on this storyboard assignment.  If you read the boards from yesterday, you can continue the story here.  In this installment, things kind of start going south for our protagonist.

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Mar 9 2011

#360 – Intrusion, pt. 1

IntrusionBack to some class assignments: I’m now laying in some tone on some of the storyboard sketches you’ve seen earlier.  Here’s how the story begins.

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Feb 19 2011

#342 – Power up!

PowerupLate tonight I felt like staying up and playing some old 80’s video games — but I still needed a sketch for the day.  First things first.

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Feb 10 2011

#333 – Trouble brewing

Siegfried & the dragonAnother unusual assignment from storyboarding class.  We were required to illustrate a specific scene from Richard Wagner’s Nibelungen saga.  Here, Siegfried sets out from his castle on a journey that will, before long, put him at odds with a dragon.  It’s an unusual topic for me, and probably chosen by the instructor because the story would likely be unfamiliar to us.  It’s certainly foreign to me — both the story, and the whole notion of doing fantasy art.  Not the kind of thing I would ever draw of my own choosing, but still an interesting assignment.  I’ll probably be working on a refinement of this scene, so critique is encouraged.

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Jan 11 2011

#303 – Fatter than your average bear

Kung Fu PandaWent with a bunch of other video and visual FX people on a tour of Dreamworks Animation today.  They do a lot of very cool work there, especially in character design.  I drew this based on a life-sized statue that was in one of their lobbies.

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Dec 30 2010

#291 – Crosstour? Crossed out.


We went to test drive a Honda Accord Crosstour today.  That V6 sure is nice, with 100+ more horses than I’m used to.  And the sweeping (albeit polarizing) body styling and larger wheels are good too — but unfortunately they combine to sabotage the rear storage compartment (which is pretty disappointing for a car of that size).  And there, folks, is my first printed car review, clocking in at a powerfully informative three sentences.  Take that,!  I shall soon be crowned king of online automotive advice!

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Dec 23 2010

#284 – The oil business

Oil pumpDrove up the Central Valley today — been a while since I did that.  On my way to the mountains for a good time this weekend.  In the absence of anything else to sketch, I drew one of these things (of which I passed a few today).

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Dec 16 2010

#277 – Ahoy-hoy?

Telephone machineMade several phone calls to friends today.  One of them suggested this as today’s subject.

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Dec 6 2010

#267 – Old Giza

Old GizaI was reading something this evening about Egypt, and the location was somehow stuck in my mind when it came time for today’s drawing.

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Dec 5 2010

#266 – Damage

Split treeJust finished watching what is probably the most powerfully affecting documentary (maybe even film of any kind) that I’ve ever seen: Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father.  A traumatic film, not for the faint of heart.  I don’t even really know what more to say about it — just feeling very emotionally drained.  Not knowing what to draw this evening, I made this quick sketch based on the well done movie poster by Evan B. Harris (more of  his work here).

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