Mar 31 2010

#17 – Models, Ink.

Invented curved block models

Was too busy tonight doing classwork to fit in anything else.  So here’s the rest of the collection of random shape models.  Inspiring stuff, eh?   At least I’m getting a little more practice laying down marker ink.

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Mar 30 2010

#16 – Marker Mosey

Invented plane modelMy markers were getting away from me a little.  This is part of another class assignment, practicing perspective and modeling with simple, invented shapes.  I’m supposed to do several more of these (which is probably good, since I’m obviously kind of a noob with the Copic markers).

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Mar 29 2010

#15 – “Family togetherness” or, “Brothers vs. brother”

Placecard grappa glassJust had a fantastic evening with family both immediate and extended.  It seemed that a sketch of my glass of grappa would make a nice souvenir.  And even better: one drawn on the back of my placecard, which itself featured papercraft decoration by my 3-year-old brother.  Young Master Hulme and I now united — comrades in artistic expression — with the mighty firstborn in our sights.

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Mar 28 2010

#14 – What a hack job…

Hackjob tree …by which I mean the pruning of this tree, as well as the rushed and sloppy sketch of it.  Then again, I suppose it’s “Sketch 365”, not “Masterpiece 365.”
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Mar 27 2010

#13 – The most dangerous monkey in all LEGOdom

Dangerous LEGO monkeyI was super excited to find an old LEGO set I got as a present years and years and years ago.  I don’t think the original instructions suggested this specific arrangement of parts, but after all, that’s what LEGO’s all about.

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Mar 26 2010

#12 – Some much needed balance

I realized that everything on here so far was manufactured objects and dudes.  Thought a change of scenery was in order.  This is a 10-minute charcoal sketch done at Art Center today.

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Mar 25 2010

#11 – I have yet to start a firestorm with one of these…

Drill…but if there’s a way to do it, Ben Orchard would probably know.

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Mar 24 2010

#10 – …in Their Flying Machines

Orthographic biplaneThis is the other half of an assignment I was working on — the orthographic views of the same plane from Sketch #8.  I think this one better captures the funny kind of stubbiness of this little plane.  Once again, it’s primarily based off this painting.

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Mar 23 2010

#9 – Toshirō Mifune stand-in?

Toshirō Mifune stand-inStopped in at one of Art Center’s regular figure drawing workshops to get inspiration for today’s sketch.  This guy was awesome, and could no doubt beat me up six ways from Sunday.  He had a lot of great 5-minute poses with props (which I butchered), and then this 10-minute one (which came out okay).  Maybe I’ll run into him again at some point and he’ll break out one of these.

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Mar 22 2010

#8 – Those Magnificent Men…

BiplaneJust finished this for a class assignment: my second ever attempt at true isometric drawing.  (First one was all kinds of messed up.)  This is the Laird “Super Solution” – apparently the fastest plane in 1931.  Translated to isometric view based on this painting by Nixon Galloway.

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