Sep 30 2010

#200 – Bones & sinews

Bones & sinewsI originally gave myself a challenge today to depict the concept of “every person who has ever lived.”  Not surprisingly, it wasn’t easy.  I tried it a couple different ways, but it wasn’t working out.  So I went a different direction: bones and sinews.

(And yes, this is my quick approximation of Da Vinci’s drawing.  Hey, steal from the best, right?)

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Sep 29 2010

#199 – Sara the Flying Squirrel

ZiplineThere!  Between the treetops!  There she goes!

(This is based on a photo I took today while at a ropes course.  That’s two days in a row of precariously hanging from wires!)

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Sep 28 2010

#198 – Where Eagles Dare

ZugspitzeWent to the top of the highest mountain in Germany today.  While descending on a rickety old cable car, of course I couldn’t help but think of Richard Burton’s epic ride.  Thankfully mine didn’t include gruesome ice-axe injuries, or explosions and general death.  Thanks for not trying to kill me, fellow riders!

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Sep 27 2010

#197 – Crazily Paisley

NecktieWhile I was shopping for menswear recently, the sales guy pulled out a tie for me and I thought, “That’s ugly and I would never buy it.”  So I bought it.  (After having looked at it for a couple minutes, it had really grown on me.)

When I took it home, my wife said, “But you hate paisley!”  I hadn’t even seen it in there.  So observant.  Anyway, I wore that tie today and messed around this evening sloppily sketching the pattern.

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Sep 26 2010

#196 – Grudge match

Wisent vs. wildschweinWent to the Alpine Zoo in Innsbruck today.  They keep just indigenous animals there, and have them in a series of enclosures spread over the side of a mountain.  When we got to the European bison area, we saw that they actually share it with a group of boars.  I assumed the zookeepers set it up this way because the two animals get along well.  Or so they did for a couple minutes after we got there.  Then one of the boars started growling at a (much larger) bison, who in turn ended up stalking the boar, then chasing it, then running it over a six-foot-high drop, where it took a header into the dirt before hurriedly scrambling to its feet, squealing and running off.  The bison kept at it for a while after that too.  All in all, well worth the price of admission.  So when it came time to sketch this evening, this is what came out.

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Sep 25 2010

#195 – The Incomparable Tony


Had an evening of live music from Austrian multi-instrumentalist and extended-family-friend Tony.  I scribbled this out while sitting next to “Mrs. Tony” and enjoying the show.  She seemed to get a kick out of it.

Here, Tony uses the universal language of song to tell of his experiences “working for the man every night and day.”

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Sep 24 2010

#194 – May or may not choke Stymie

CynarThis evening, a friend of mine introduced me to Cynar, a wacky Italian artichoke aperitif.  (He himself is a wacky Italian, so I suppose it makes sense.)  I imagine people must find it to be a pretty polarizing flavor, but I liked it.  Then again, I eat Vegemite.

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Sep 23 2010

#193 – Maria Plain & Tall

Pertisau churchThe view from our hotel balcony looks out over a big open field, adjacent to which sits this church.  Not a fancy or ornate building, but when the sun hits it in the morning, it’s blindingly bright.  It also rings bells throughout the day and plays “Ave Maria” every day at 6 p.m.  Nice if you like that sort of thing, but I imagine if you lived there, the novelty would soon fade.

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Sep 22 2010

#192 – Bambi: The Later Years

Deer skullThis thing hangs in the lobby of the hotel we’re at this week.  Not sure why it’s a skull instead of a full head.  I guess the global economic downturn has done a number on their taxidermy budget.

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Sep 21 2010

#191 – Manual symmetry

FiligreeInspired partly by yesterday’s logo, and partly by the cover of one of my wife’s books, I found myself doodling this little pattern this evening.  Not much to it, but it was a good exercise in working out symmetry.

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