Oct 31 2010

#231 – @ lager heads


Didn’t really feel like drawing today.  Felt more like having a beer or two.  I ended up doing both, but it wasn’t hard to guess what  was going to work its way into the sketch…

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Oct 30 2010

#230 – Completion pending

Completion pendingWent over to my cousins’ place tonight to watch the USC/Oregon game — the outcome of which does not need to be discussed here.  Suffice it to say, we had some excellent enchiladas, and that’s all that matters.

(Full credit: this sketch is based on a photo found here.)

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Oct 29 2010

#229 – To a “T”

Model TMy mind was stuck in a different era today, after Fish Hunter Phil sent me a link to this fascinating story from a century ago.  Seriously, if you have a little time, go listen to that story — it’s quite a piece of work.

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Oct 28 2010

#228 – Panorex/Bitewing

BitewingThis was inspired by today’s visit to  the dentist, where I was subjected to a full suite of scheduled irradiation.  These dental x-rays have such excellent names.  Which got me thinking: “Panorex Bitewing” would be a pretty great name for a spaceship commander.  You’re welcome, struggling sci-fi writers!

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Oct 27 2010

#227 – Spartacus Shatner

Guitar jumpJust wanted to do a quick figure study this evening, since I hadn’t done one in a long time.  So I headed to Flickr and found this amazing photo by user Ryan Muir.  I just scribbled a quick and basic figure study, but seriously, check out the original photo — it’s incredible.

Oh, and as for my sketch title, it’s just a little inversion based on the following discovery: I learned that the guy in the photo (the guitarist for The Roots) goes by the excellent name “Cap’n Kirk Douglas.”  His definitely has a better ring to it.

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Oct 26 2010

#226 – A swing of the pendulum

ElephantThis is also a response to my wife’s little drawing challenge over at The Give Way.  The very specific commission: an elephant eating cotton candy.

I also figured that after the past three day’s sketches featuring venomous creatures, tongues of fire, and vein-bulgingly hypermasculine posturing, I figured it was time to swing to the other side and go overboard cutesy.

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Oct 25 2010

#225 – Impending doom

Bee killerThis is the last thing that bee saw this morning before I tore him to pieces with my bare neck.  Oh sure, Bee — you got a little sting in there, but you are now most unarguably dead, AND I EMERGE THE VICTOR!!

Next time try picking on someone your own size.

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Oct 24 2010

#224 – Hanging on to summer

BarbecueWe’re getting dangerously close to that little period of the year where Southern California gets a bit of rain and cooler weather.  Better make hay while the sun shines.  Or at least BBQ chicken.

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Oct 23 2010

#223 – Power to torment

ScorpionsI was reading about scorpions today.  Sort of.  So I figured I’d try drawing one.  Then I tried a couple more.  Then it seemed like I might as well fill the sketchbook page.  You’re welcome, readers who find scorpions creepy!

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Oct 22 2010

#222 – Sartorial Splendor

Alex & VelvetAlways a party when these two show up.

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