Mar 6 2011

#357 – Shakespearean ghostwriters

MonkeysI went to the zoo today to do a bunch of observational sketches of animals.  After the flamingos, kangaroos, gorillas, giraffes, etc., I came upon these fellas, who promptly pulled out typewriters and started tapping away.  Weird.

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Feb 7 2011

#330 – Life on wheels

Again, I’m continuing work on this collection of 30 vehicle sketches.  After drawing these four, I looked at them and realized they actually tell something of a life story.  Hopefully not mine.

Anyway, I did a bunch of other vehicles today as well — here’s the full set.

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Feb 6 2011

#329 – Vehicles in vogue

Part of this week’s vehicles series, these are all based on advertisements in recent issues of Wired magazine.  I’m sure if I come back and look at this sketch years from now, it’ll look amazingly dated.

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Feb 5 2011

#328 – Rust buckets

New sketching project this week: 30 vehicles of various kinds.  I’m starting out with a couple of oldies, based on Flickr photos (from users RaeA and KB35).

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Jan 26 2011

#318 – Ups & downs

Roller coasterThis house-buying stuff is stressful.  I’ve been investigating the property, talking to people, getting an inspection today, etc.  From minute to minute the outlook seems to be constantly changing…  “Oh, that’s a good sign.”  “Oh, that sounds scary.”  “Oh, but that’s good news.”  “Oh, but that could be a big problem.” etc., etc. ad infinitum.

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Jan 24 2011

#316 – Not quite level

Not quite levelDay 1 of escrow on what could be our first house!  One thing though: some of the floors are a bit slanty.  This will require further investigation.

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Dec 25 2010

#286 – Piper Down!

Piper Pacer

Heard a fascinating first-person story today from a man who ran out of fuel in his small plane over Alaska, and had to find a dirt road to put it down on, while operating with no engine.  That’s a presence of mind that’s difficult to imagine.  Of course, the story was stuck in my mind when sketch time rolled around.

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Nov 11 2010

#242 – Shine a little light

Frezzi mini-fillEvery once in a while, I get the compulsion to geek out and draw tools of the trade (“the trade” pretty much expanding to include all variety of visual arts).  Today’s installment: the Frezzi Mini-Fill Camera-Top Lighthead!  I’m sure you loyal readers have been clamoring to see my representation of this fine video accessory.  At long last, that day is here!

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Oct 29 2010

#229 – To a “T”

Model TMy mind was stuck in a different era today, after Fish Hunter Phil sent me a link to this fascinating story from a century ago.  Seriously, if you have a little time, go listen to that story — it’s quite a piece of work.

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Oct 24 2010

#224 – Hanging on to summer

BarbecueWe’re getting dangerously close to that little period of the year where Southern California gets a bit of rain and cooler weather.  Better make hay while the sun shines.  Or at least BBQ chicken.

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