Mar 14 2011

#365 – Looking back; looking ahead

Looking back; looking ahead
Well, here we are at last: Sketch #365.  For the final sketch, I thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to my wife, whose support and encouragement from day one has been instrumental to this project.  This particular sketch is based on my absolute favorite photo of her, taken when she was about  six or so.


It’s also fitting, I think, as a look ahead.  Several people have asked me what I plan to do now the 365 project is complete.  Well, as we covered in these two sketches, the months ahead will feature a pretty significant change, with the arrival of our first child.  So that’s going to be a major focus.  I’m getting more and more excited about having this new little girl in my life.  And I hope she looks and acts just like the one in this picture.


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Mar 13 2011

#364 – Forever young

GrandpaToday we got together with a bunch of family and friends to toast my wife’s grandpa — now turning 93, and still going strong.  He’s got a great sense of humor, and still runs around like he’s half his age — or younger.  Recently he told us that if he ever feels like he’s dying, he just gets on his bike and goes for a ride.  Good advice, I should think.  Anyway, I decided to pay tribute to him today by sketching a photo from his earlier days.

Already looking forward to his 94th!

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Mar 11 2011

#362 – Super-approval of amazingness!

JoeI got some good sketch feedback this week from an enthusiastic supporter.  So, I thought I would pay tribute to his trademark manner of expressing approval.  Thanks, Joe!

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Mar 8 2011

#359 – I love animals…

BisonThey’re delicious.

(This is a little companion piece for last week’s other tasty meal.)

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Mar 6 2011

#357 – Shakespearean ghostwriters

MonkeysI went to the zoo today to do a bunch of observational sketches of animals.  After the flamingos, kangaroos, gorillas, giraffes, etc., I came upon these fellas, who promptly pulled out typewriters and started tapping away.  Weird.

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Mar 5 2011

#356 – Stockingcap Bananapeel and his Artichoke Rocketship

Hanging flowerI only title it that way because the longer I stare at this sketch, the weirder it looks.  (It’s actually just a very minor doodle, inspired by this beautiful photo.)

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Mar 3 2011

#354 – Girl watcher

Girl watcherI didn’t really know what to sketch this evening, so I just figured I’d try and do something that would work visually within the blog stream.  I guess I’ll see if it worked as soon as I post this…

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Mar 2 2011

#353 – Accidental plagiarism?

Girl eyesI started to write, “No real story behind this one — just a little drawing of half a girl’s face.”  But then I remembered: I don’t recall what I was looking at, but somewhere online today I saw a photo of a cigar box design with a girl’s head framed like this.  I promptly forgot it, but then I guess started doing something similar when it came time for today’s sketch.  (For the sketch, I used two different reference images, one for eyes, one for hair.)

So then, after having remembered the cigar box origin, could I go back and find a version of that art I saw in passing?  Turns out yes — a Google image search brings up the logo in question.  Actually, on seeing it, I’m kind of surprised at how similar a lot of the aspects of my drawing are.  The fine line between inspiration and accidental plagiarism?

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Feb 28 2011

#351 – A dream reborn!

Could it be?At last, our long national nightmare is over!  It has been over two months of acute mental anguish following the crushing news of December 13th.  But now a glorious new dawn breaks!  Sing sweetly, oh songbirds of love (and multinational brand posturing)!

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Feb 27 2011

#350 – Keep on truckin’

Keep on truckin'Pretty great Sunday morning — Kelly and I went for a walk to get some breakfast, then just kinda kept walking.  By the time we got home, six hours had gone by.  Not bad for a pregnant woman!

(Also, I sure hope this visual reference makes sense to people, because if it doesn’t, this must look like a mighty weird drawing!)

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