Mar 5 2011

#356 – Stockingcap Bananapeel and his Artichoke Rocketship

Hanging flowerI only title it that way because the longer I stare at this sketch, the weirder it looks.  (It’s actually just a very minor doodle, inspired by this beautiful photo.)

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Mar 1 2011

#352 – Lock up your sons!

It's a girl!So yeah, looks like it’s gonna be a girl — fun times ahead!

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Feb 8 2011

#331 – Spoiler alert!

Seconds to spare - final frameAnother little project for class: this is the final frame of a little storyboard I’m working on.  More on this tomorrow!

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Feb 7 2011

#330 – Life on wheels

Again, I’m continuing work on this collection of 30 vehicle sketches.  After drawing these four, I looked at them and realized they actually tell something of a life story.  Hopefully not mine.

Anyway, I did a bunch of other vehicles today as well — here’s the full set.

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Feb 6 2011

#329 – Vehicles in vogue

Part of this week’s vehicles series, these are all based on advertisements in recent issues of Wired magazine.  I’m sure if I come back and look at this sketch years from now, it’ll look amazingly dated.

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Feb 5 2011

#328 – Rust buckets

New sketching project this week: 30 vehicles of various kinds.  I’m starting out with a couple of oldies, based on Flickr photos (from users RaeA and KB35).

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Jan 28 2011

#320 – Run away! Run away!

Run away!Well, after a very stressful week of inspections and discussions with the city permit office, I uncovered some very helpful information today about our escrow property.  Information that convinces me to run in the opposite direction, before an earthquake knocks that sketchily propped-up house off its cracked and half-sunken foundation.  Turns out there’s a pretty significant reason for those level discrepancies I mentioned earlier.

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Jan 24 2011

#316 – Not quite level

Not quite levelDay 1 of escrow on what could be our first house!  One thing though: some of the floors are a bit slanty.  This will require further investigation.

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Jan 23 2011

#315 – Royal mumble

The King's SpeechI watched this movie today, and quite enjoyed it.  Not much else to say about this sketch!

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Jan 19 2011

#311 – Folk’s wagon

VW bus

Don’t remember where the idea to draw this came from.  Must have been subconsciously planning for the year ahead, and the possible purchase of a stylish and super-safe family car.  Yeah.  That must have been it.

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