Mar 1 2011

#352 – Lock up your sons!

It's a girl!So yeah, looks like it’s gonna be a girl — fun times ahead!

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Feb 26 2011

#349 – Clenched and ready

SumoWatched a documentary this evening about sumo wrestling, among other things.  So when it came time for the sketch, I figured I’d go with a subject that’s rich in unique visuals.  You’re welcome.

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Sketch is based on this great Flickr photo.

Feb 22 2011

#345 – Rock hound

MSRI wish I had more time at the moment for personal sketches, but such is life.  This is a little thing for work — I’m doing a motion graphics piece about Mars Sample Return, a proposed robotic mission that would bring back rock samples to Earth for the first time.  These are a few of the simple elements that will become part of that video.  (Actually, it’s a very simplified version of the redacted Sketch #95 from last summer.)

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Feb 12 2011

#335 – Monochrome mare

ZebraI felt like drawing with a black marker pen, so this seemed as good a subject as any.  Based on a Flickr photo.

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Jan 25 2011

#317 – Pop will (continue to) eat itself

Exit Through The Gift Shop
I did these quick and tiny versions of Shepard Fairey, Banksy and “Mr. Brainwash” while watching the interesting documentary/comedy/hoax/art piece/whatever-it-is, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

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Jan 23 2011

#315 – Royal mumble

The King's SpeechI watched this movie today, and quite enjoyed it.  Not much else to say about this sketch!

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Jan 18 2011

#310 – Shoulder inspection

ShoulderNo, this is not, as you might suspect, a come-hither look.  She’s examining a bizarre skin condition on her shoulder.  Don’t worry: she later learns that it’s nothing serious.

Probably the most compelling sketch backstory I’ve ever written.

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Jan 15 2011

#307 – Down in flames

Down in flamesNot a great night for the Atlanta Falcons.  Doodled this after watching the game tonight.  Better luck next year, gents.

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Dec 27 2010

#288 – The Lonely Pie, unmasked, sort of


Several sketches ago, I paid respect to “@thelonelypie” — and today it was time to do so once again.  I didn’t know what to draw today, and he stepped in and supplied me with a bunch of really solid ideas.  Unfortunately, they were all more complex than I had energy for.  So instead, we have a little tribute to the man himself.

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Dec 21 2010

#282 – Do Tread on Me

Tire treadTook my car in for new tires.  After yesterday’s sketch, could this one possibly be more boring?  I think not.

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