Mar 8 2011

#359 – I love animals…

BisonThey’re delicious.

(This is a little companion piece for last week’s other tasty meal.)

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Mar 6 2011

#357 – Shakespearean ghostwriters

MonkeysI went to the zoo today to do a bunch of observational sketches of animals.  After the flamingos, kangaroos, gorillas, giraffes, etc., I came upon these fellas, who promptly pulled out typewriters and started tapping away.  Weird.

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Mar 4 2011

#355 – Follow your nose

ToucanThe toucan is one crazy-looking bird.  Of course, that’s what makes it interesting to draw.  This is kind of a little test sketch for a possible series of children’s book illustrations (similar to those from back in Sketch #262).

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Feb 25 2011

#348 – Kebab factory

LambI didn’t know what to draw this evening, so my helpful wife made a suggestion:  why not do something related to our delicious dinner?

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Feb 17 2011

#340 – Stabby, stabby!

Stabby, stabby!More work for class.  Leaving aside the crime story, we return to the (admittedly no less bloody) story of Siegfried and the dragon.  That whole assignment requires three illustrations, for before, during and after the main action of the dragon-slaying.  So while Sketch #333 was a concept for the “before” phase, this is one quick thumbnail for the “during” part.  Again, fantasy illustration and gut-slashing are not really particular strengths or interests of mine — but an assignment is an assignment.

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Feb 12 2011

#335 – Monochrome mare

ZebraI felt like drawing with a black marker pen, so this seemed as good a subject as any.  Based on a Flickr photo.

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Feb 11 2011

#334 – Rough riders

Eadweard Muybridge horsesI was trying to think of something to sketch for today, and for some reason Eadweard Muybridge’s classic horse-in-motion project came into my brain.  I’m pretty useless at drawing animals, so I figure I’d get some practice with some very rough sketches.  Of course, the real test would be to cut this drawing up, animate it, and see how well I did.

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Feb 10 2011

#333 – Trouble brewing

Siegfried & the dragonAnother unusual assignment from storyboarding class.  We were required to illustrate a specific scene from Richard Wagner’s Nibelungen saga.  Here, Siegfried sets out from his castle on a journey that will, before long, put him at odds with a dragon.  It’s an unusual topic for me, and probably chosen by the instructor because the story would likely be unfamiliar to us.  It’s certainly foreign to me — both the story, and the whole notion of doing fantasy art.  Not the kind of thing I would ever draw of my own choosing, but still an interesting assignment.  I’ll probably be working on a refinement of this scene, so critique is encouraged.

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Jan 22 2011

#314 – Best viewed in Safari

ElephantWeb-browser puns.  Perhaps the highest form of comedy.

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Jan 16 2011

#308 – Scott’s Monkey Trial

Monkey 1

Monkey 2

Monkey 3

I recently watched an interesting presentation about creativity.  Within it is a creative exercise that challenges you to: a) imagine a picture of a bear; b) think of a different bear; c) dig deeper and attempt to conjure a third visual of a bear.  It gets increasingly difficult, but also requires creative thinking.

Anyway, I was thinking about that when I drew these.  I took the idea pretty literally and tried to come up with three different ways of drawing something.  In this case, I substituted the bear with a monkey (something that I’ve long been terrible at drawing from imagination).  It was an interesting challenge.  Later I noticed that my monkeys got progressively happier and more active.  I guess that’s a good sign?

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