Feb 9 2011

#332 – Seconds to Spare!

Seconds to spare!So here’s the full story behind yesterday’s sketch.  The assignment was to create a storyboard of about 15 frames to tell the story of my trip from home to school.  The instructor said that if it wasn’t a particularly dramatic story, we were free to embellish a little.  That was all the permission I needed.

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Feb 8 2011

#331 – Spoiler alert!

Seconds to spare - final frameAnother little project for class: this is the final frame of a little storyboard I’m working on.  More on this tomorrow!

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Jan 12 2011

#304 – Robot Rock

Daft PunkWhen sketch time came around today, I was listening to Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy soundtrack.  The choice was clear.

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P.S.  I’ve just realized that quite a few of these 365 sketches feature helmets of various kinds (full list here).  Could it be because helmets are awesome?

Jan 10 2011

#302 – Duck hunting equipment

Auburn helmetAfter watching the BCS title game tonight, I drew this as a tribute to Auburn’s win over Oregon.  I’d considered drawing something based on the mascots — something more needlessly visceral, like a tiger actually devouring a duck — but this was just a lot quicker and easier.

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Jan 9 2011

#301 – One giant leap

One giant leapI don’t know why it’s taken so long, but I finally got around to watching In the Shadow of the Moon today.  A great piece of documentary filmmaking.

I guess in a way this is a companion piece to yesterday’s sketch:  science fiction vs. science fact.

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P.S. Yes, I believe they actually did it.

Jan 8 2011

#300 – Injection-molded cannon fodder

StormtrooperDid this one as a counterpart to last week’s “Back in Black” sketch.  Just a little tribute to everyone’s favorite bumbling footsoldiers.

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Jan 2 2011

#294 – Back in Black

Darth Vader

Returning to the black paper stock for today’s sinister sketch.

Today was my last day of a nice 11-day break from work.  So did I go out and do something adventurous?  Of course not.  I got together with a couple of friends and watched a back-to-back-to-back triple feature of Star Wars Episodes 4, 5 & 6.  A good time.  So here’s little tribute to the role so big it required three actors.  And a stunt double.  And later, apparently a little kid.  And a petulant-sounding twentysomething.  But let’s try not to think about those last two.

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P.S. This sketch is based on a common photo found online — one for which I can’t find any copyright info.

Dec 4 2010

#265 – Tommy

TommyThis was done in honor of the USC/UCLA game I spent forever trying (and failing) to find on TV tonight.  Should’ve snatched up my cousin’s extra ticket when I had the chance.  Oh well.  At least we won!

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Nov 1 2010

#232 – Road-almost-kill

ScreechAs I was heading in to work today, I rounded a corner and suddenly met a yappy little dog making a bee-line for my front wheel.  It’s lucky it wasn’t a cat, or I might not have been motivated to be quite so responsive with the brakes.  (Kidding!  Sort of!)

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Oct 25 2010

#225 – Impending doom

Bee killerThis is the last thing that bee saw this morning before I tore him to pieces with my bare neck.  Oh sure, Bee — you got a little sting in there, but you are now most unarguably dead, AND I EMERGE THE VICTOR!!

Next time try picking on someone your own size.

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