Dec 31 2010

#292 – No spoilers

Inception totemInception is just one of those movies that gets stuck in your brain — as previously demonstrated.  I watched it again today for the second time, so of course it came out in today’s sketch.

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Dec 17 2010

#278 – Comfort, food

StovetopTonight, my wife felt like making a great meal that she hasn’t made for a while.  Mmmmm….meatloaf.  But since I’ve already sketched meatloaf itself, I figured I’d go with some of the tools of the trade for today’s drawing.

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Dec 14 2010

#275 – Quadradoodle

Random doodlesI have no explanation for these.  I just kind of sat down and started doodling.  How a gaunt weirdo, a tree, a crow and a jack-in-the-box fit together I have no idea.

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Dec 10 2010

#271 – Blind man’s bluff

Blind man's bluffMy wife’s half-joking idea for today’s sketch: “Draw your glasses without having them on.”  “Piece of cake,” said the foolish husband.  Behold the price of hubris.  I done forgot: I cain’t see real good.

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Nov 23 2010

#254 – Tonka truck

Toyota FJ CruiserMy friend from yesterday’s sketch was actually admitted to the hospital for surgery.  Thankfully it went well, but since he was drugged up with a dead arm, I went by the hospital and picked up his car for him.  For better or worse, it’s the absolute opposite of what I’m used to driving.

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Nov 15 2010

#246 РHomegrown haba̱eros

HabañeroJust as I was trying to come up with something to draw, I heard from a friend offering to bring homegrown habañeros from Texas.  I signed right up — and got out the charcoal pencil for a quick sketch.

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Nov 8 2010

#239 – Will it blend?

BlenderMy wife’s big into smoothies at the moment, so I’m big into making them.  They’re not usually this blood red, but hey, that’s the only colored marker I have, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Oh, and thanks, Tom Dickson, for letting me borrow your slogan.  Actually, that raises an interesting question.  Could a Blendtec machine blend one of its own competitors?  Think of it: a super-sized blender-eating blender.  Like the Robosaurus of kitchen appliances.  Sir, I think I can speak for the entire internet when I say, “Please get to work on that.”

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Nov 2 2010

#233 – The hated officemate

Primera Bravo ProGot an additional new computer at work today.  Not exciting, however: it’s a PC (*groan*), which I only need in order to a) access an archaic JPL database; and b) control the DVD duplicator shown above.  So I spent a large chunk of my day getting two loathsome machines to talk to one another.  PCs I can live with, but I’ve got no love for DVDs.  Please die already, terrible technology!

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Oct 31 2010

#231 – @ lager heads


Didn’t really feel like drawing today.  Felt more like having a beer or two.  I ended up doing both, but it wasn’t hard to guess what  was going to work its way into the sketch…

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Oct 21 2010

#221 – Lacking a certain something

BasketballHusbands and wives get equal Netflix privileges, and we watched my choice a couple days ago.  This sketch was inspired by the formulaic basketball-themed romantic comedy we watched this evening.  I know what you’re thinking: “Basketball rom-com!  But that sounds so promising!”

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